How to Check Aadhar Card Status By Name Online

Aadhar card status by name

Have you applied for your Aadhar Card and not finding your enrolment number? Check your Aadhar Card Status by name with a short online procedures! As it takes minimum two-three months time to receive your Aadhar Card or UID number after you enrol your name at the Aadhar Card Centre. Earlier the online checking of the Aadhar Card Status was possible only by entering the unique Enrolment number which the applicant receives at the time of enrolment inscribed in an acknowledgement receipt. However the Unique Identification Authority of India has provided online facility to check the Aadhar Card status by name in absence of your enrolment number. With this facility you can first get your enrolment number just by entering your name details and can immediately use it to check your Aadhar Card status in a quick online process.

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Though the process of getting the lost enrolment number and getting your Aadhar card status by name is a simple one; if you are novice at the Aadhar card sites it might be confusing for you. Hence we share here complete guidelines for your benefit to check status of your Aadhar card in absence of your enrolment number. The enrolment number will be mentioned on your acknowledgement slip you receive after submitting your application form to the Aadhar Card Centre.


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Procedure to Check Aadhar Card Status By Name at UIDAI Portal

Procedure to check Aadhar Card Status is made simpler here with complete step wise detailing. Carefully follow the steps one by one and get your enrolment number and check your aadhar card status just by entering your name.

The online procedure of checking Aadhar Card Status by name involves two steps; i.e retrieving your enrolment id or enrolment number by your name and secondly checking status of your Aadhar card by using this retrieved enrolment number. card status

Here is how you should go to check your Aadhar card status by name:

STEP – 1

  1. Click here to go to the official website
  2. Select the button/option Enrolment No. (EID) (These options will be seen under the heading ‘You Want to receive your lost :’)
  3. Once you click on Enrolment no. option, you will see the fields of Full Name, your registered Mobile number and registered Email ID.
  4. Enter your full name in the first field name exactly as you have mentioned it in the Aadhar card application form.
  5. Enter either your registered mobile number or your registered email address in the appropriate field or text box.
  6. Enter the security code as displayed on the screen.
  7. Click on the button saying ‘Get OTP’.

STEP – 2

  1. You will receive your OTP (One Time Password on your mobile number or email address whichever you entered at sub-step no. 5.
  2. Enter this OTP no. below in the given field of ‘Enter OTP’
  3. Click on ‘Verify OTP’
  4. You will now receive a message on your mobile or email address which will inform you of your Enrolment ID or EID or Enrolment number.
  5. Click here to go further with the process :
  6. At this portal, you will be entering your enrolment number which you retrieved with earlier steps.
  7. Enter your Enrolment number in the given text box and also exact date and time of enrolment
  8. Fill in the Security Code as displayed on the screen.
  9. Click on the tab ‘Check Status.’
  10. You will new view the current status of your Aadhar Card on the screen. If you have been allotted the Aadhar Card or UID no., it will be clearly shown on the page.

We will be updating more useful info and procedures related to Aadhar Card. You can also check your Aadhar Card status by other varied ways, like SMS or calling Aadhar Helpline numbers. However in case of checking through these ways, you need to have your enrolment number which is be given in your acknowledgement slip.

About Aadhar Card (UID)

Aadhar Card is a newly introduced 12 digit individual identification number which is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). This Aadhar Card serves as a proof of identity of any citizen and his/her address which will be valid anywhere in India.

After you enrol for Aadhar Card, you will receive it by post or can download it from the UIDAI website. It takes 2-3 months for receive the Aadhar card after application or enrolment. The Aadhar card application and receipt of Aadhar Card is entirely free of cost. This unique identity document will be valid for life time. You can use it as your identity proof while opening a new bank account, receive provident fund, getting new mobile connections and other governmental and non- governmental offices. Our portal also gives information on another very popular government approved ID card called PAN card. Get your PAN card status online from our portal.

While with online checking of Aadhar Card Status by name, it is possible to check Aadhar card status without the EID no., as you can recover it through the above given online process in Step 1. We are sure this article on Aadhar card status by name will be very useful to those who have lost their enrolment number or the acknowledgment slip. You can use the comment box and share your views and queries with regard to Aadhar Card status if any.

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